Our success in growing our transmission line business is based on the strategy of insisting on work teams that are qualified, experienced and who take pride in achieving great results. These skills mean we are a preferred service partner for new line construction, upgrades, replacements and maintenance.

When disruption, due to network configuration and consumer demands, prevents work being undertaken while de-energised, Mackex Services will employ its specialist teams to complete tasks using safe and proven live line techniques. These techniques are controlled by professionally developed processes and Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS). “Bare Hand” and “Hot Stick” methods are used up to 500kV on transmission assets. Our mobile teams can undertake work anywhere throughout Australia, on both public and private networks. These locations can often be remote and for these situations our logistical expertise and innovation can really add value to our customer’s project.

• Pole and tower construction and maintenance
• Hot stick live line work to 330kV
• Bare Hand live line work to 500kV
• OPGW and pilot wire stringing
• Foundation repairs
• Insulator replacement
• Asset inspection using ground based, climbing or drone methods
• Gantry construction and line termination within a substation
• Deep bore earth installation and testing
• Vegetation control on transmission line easements adjacent to live assets
• Construction and maintenance of access tracks

• 2 x Tesmec 9kN puller / tensioners
• 2 x Tesmec 15kN puller / tensioners
• 50km non-rotating draw wire
• 1000 plus running blocks
• 6 tonne motorised drum stand
• Cable trailer
• Live line hot sticks and equipment to 500kV
• 3 x 10 tonne lifter / borers
• 5 x 18 metre EPV
• 2 x 23 metre EPV
• 5 x 5 tonne excavator
• 1 x 13 tonne excavator
• 4WD utility vehicles


Our first-rate experience and history of working on electricity distribution assets gives us an edge in knowing what a successful outcome will be from our customers’ perspective. Usually these services are undertaken in public areas where safety is critical and minimal disruption is integral. We are acutely aware that our performance is reflected on our customers, so we strive to be ambassadors for them during our work.

With work sites dispersed over wide geographical areas, we have confidence that our work teams are performing both safely and efficiently. The skills and leadership within our crews are crucial to optimum performance and to maintain these, we invest heavily in training. This is an ongoing commitment that Services will not compromise on. Key relationships with accredited Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s) ensure we have independent assessments of competency and risk tolerance.

• Pole line construction and maintenance
• Barrier & glove to 33kV
• Hot stick live line work to 220kV
• Tension conductor and pilot wire stringing
• Public lighting installation and maintenance
• Transformer and circuit breaker installation
• Asset inspection using ground based and drone methods
• Metering installation

• 2 x Tesmec 9kN puller / tensioners
• Motorised drum stands
• Live line hot sticks and equipment to 500kV
• 6 x 10 tonne lifter/borers
• 5 x 5 tonne excavator
• 1 x 13 tonne excavator
• Deep bore drilling rig to 30 metres with rock hammer
• 4WD utility vehicles
• 6 x 10 ton lifter borers
• 8 x 18 metre insulated EWPs
• 2 x 23 metre insulated EWPs
• 1 x 4 drum conductor brake truck
• 2 x 3 drum recovery winches
• 3 x cable trailers
• Extendable semi trailer with HIAB


Working in the ground in public areas with multiple utility assets poses numerous challenges. Doing this competently is a core expertise for the team at Services, and our properly skilled and resourced crews can be relied on to undertake work on underground electricity networks safely and efficiently. We are accredited Level 1 service providers for the NSW electricity distribution networks and offer a full range of services on underground systems to 132kV.

We offer a full end-to-end service from cable location, excavation, installation of conduits and cables, jointing, spoil removal and reinstatement in accordance with local council specifications. Our customer base includes developers who require the competitive and efficient installations of electricity networks in new estates. These are installed by our skilled teams to fully comply with the local network specifications. Management of environmental risks associated with excavation is important and our procedures ensure that run-off and contamination are strictly controlled and the environment is protected at all times.

• Cable location
• Trench excavation and spoil removal
• Laying of conduits and cables to 132kV
• Cable jointing of XLPE and paper lead cables to 132kV
• Testing and commissioning
• Reinstatement
• Installation of HV transformers and switchgear

• 5 x 5 tonne excavators
• 1 x 13 tonne excavator
• 1 x 4 drum stand brake truck
• 3 x 1 tonne stringing truck
• 1 x 12 m3 tipper
• Underground servicing truck
• Rock auger
• 4.5 tonne capstan winch
• Bladed buckets for excavation around live services
• 1 x 6 tonne cable trailer
• Locating equipment
• Various array of Tippers
• 2 x 6 ton self loading cable trucks